Headlines for: 01-24-2001

ARIZONA NURSE: `I WAS A PRE-TEEN ASSASSIN' PHOENIX, Ariz. (Wireless Flash) -- Think your childhood was rough? It was nothing compared to one Arizona woman who claims the CIA forced her to become an assassin at the age of

WOMEN RELATE BETTER TO THEIR PETS THAN TO MEN GREENWICH, Conn. (Wireless Flash) -- Single woman may not ever need to find a man as long as they have pets. According to a new survey by American Pet Products

`AVENGERS' STAR WANTS UMBRELLAS NOT GUNS PALM SPRINGS, Calif. (Wireless Flash) -- TV's Avenger, Patrick Macnee, is telling the world to take a cue from him and start carrying an umbrella instead of a gun.

INVENTOR CREATES WEARABLE HOME GYM MENOMONEE FALLS, Wis. (Wireless Flash) -- Health clubs may start sweating buckets over this news: A Wisconsin man has just invented a sweat suit that gives you a workout while you

BOOZY BEAUTY TREATMENTS BAD FOR YOUR LIVER PHOENIX (Wireless Flash) -- You might have heard that "bar room beauty treatments" are the hot new trend, with everything from martini-scented colognes to champagne nail

SECRETS ABOUT IMPERSONATING OSMONDS LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- If you're going to act as an Osmond, you can't act up. That's what actress Janaya Stephens discovered while

SUPER BOWL COULD BE A SUPER SNORE LOS GATOS, Calif. (Wireless Flash) -- Rowdy Super Bowl fans can get pretty loud during the game -- but some will get even louder in bed.

HOLY WARS TO TAKE PLACE ON INTERNET FAN SITES? ALLIANCE, Ohio (Wireless Flash) -- The most religious place in your house may be your computer. That's according to Ohio-based religion professor Dr.

WIRELESS FLASH NEWS BRIEFS (EDITORS NOTE: FIRST BRIEF EMBARGOED UNTIL 6 PM EST) NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Are Bill and Hillary Clinton plotting against their White House successors? It seems so,