Headlines for: 05-28-2001

PROSTITUTES MAKE GREAT SECURITY GUARDS SAN FRANCISCO (Wireless Flash) – Cities may be able to cut down on crime by having prostitutes patrol the streets. That’s the opinion of San Francisco-based sex worker advocate Carole

MAN VOWS TO TAKE ‘DUBYA’ BACK FOR TEXAS DENTON, Texas (Wireless Flash) – Everything’s big in Texas, including the temper of one man who’s sick of folks calling George W. Bush “Dubya.”

MARILYN MONROE’S SPIRIT LOOKING FOR A NEW BODY PHOENIX (Wireless Flash) – Marilyn Monroe’s ghost is looking for a new body – and you just might have the bod she wants. That’s according to a spiritual healer from Phoenix who makes a living

TREE THEME PARK GOES OUT ON A LIMB GILROY, Calif. (Wireless Flash) – A former grocery store owner is really going out on a limb with his latest venture – a theme park based on trees.

HUMANS HAVE ALREADY BEEN CLONED COOKEVILLE, Tenn. (Wireless Flash) – Have scientists already cloned a human being? According to “disinformation” expert Russ Kick, editor of the new

VACATION CHOICES RELATED TO CALORIE INTAKE NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – A new study shows the type of vacation you enjoy is related to the amount of calories you eat. DiMassimo Brand Advertising polled people across America and found folks

A PARANORMAL NATIONAL PARK AUSTIN, Texas (Wireless Flash) – A national preserve on the Texas- Louisiana border is quickly becoming a must-see spot for paranormal buffs. The swampy area between Houston and New Orleans is called “The Big

‘DR. LIVINGSTONE, I PRESUME’ INSPIRES AFRICAN JOURNEY SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (Wireless Flash) – The phrase, ‘Dr. Livingstone, I presume?” is inspiring an African expedition. Starting June 15, several researchers will be walking 1000 miles across

THUMBS UP FOR NEW GENE SISKEL THEATER CHICAGO (Wireless Flash) – Late film critic Gene Siskel is getting a thumbs up from film buffs in his hometown of Chicago. On Thursday (May 31), the School of the Art Institute of Chicago will