Headlines for: 06-03-2001

MOVIEGOERS CONFUSED BY ‘A.I.’ TITLE LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) – Preview audiences who’ve watched Steven Spielberg’s new movie, A.I., are having some problems with the film’s title.

JENNA BUSH INSPIRES NEW COCKTAIL WESTPORT, Conn. (Wireless Flash) – Jenna Bush isn’t old enough to drink but she’s old enough to inspire a cocktail. A chef in Westport, Connecticut, has created a new drink called the

ARTIST MOVES INTO GALLERY WINDOW EAST HAMPTON, New York (Wireless Flash) – An artist in the ritzy resort town of East Hampton, New York, is protesting the area’s high rents by moving into a tiny display window.

MEDIA HOAXSTER GETS TRIBUTE TREATMENT NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – It’s no joke: Play pranks long enough and you’ll be considered an artist. That’s what’s happening to media prankster Joey Skaggs, who is

ANNE HECHE ADVISED TO GET WEDDING INSURANCE MONTEREY, Calif. (Wireless Flash) – Ellen DeGeneres’ ex- galpal Anne Heche and her new hubby-to-be should take out some insurance on their pending nuptials.

BAKLEY MURDER GOOD BUSINESS FOR HOLLYWOOD TOURS LAGUNA HILLS, Calif. (Wireless Flash) – Robert Blake isn’t the only person with an interest in the Bonny Lee Bakley murder case – so is a southern California sightseeing expert.

WOMEN TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT LYING ABOUT AGE CINCINNATI (Wireless Flash) – Women are finally telling the truth about lying about their age. According to a survey by Olay beauty cream, 18 percent of women admit

ACID REFLUX AFFECTS ‘RAYMOND’ MOM LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) – Everybody Loves Raymond actress Doris Roberts has a shocking secret: She almost died while eating sushi.

12-STEP PROGRAM HELPS BAND FIND NEW BEAT ATLANTA, Ga. (Wireless Flash) – Musicians looking for new beats may want to try going into a 12-step program. It’s worked for an Atlanta-based modern rock duo called Rehab, who met