Headlines for: 06-13-2001

FETTUCINE ALFREDO CAN MAKE YOUR NOODLE LIMP SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (Wireless Flash) – Want to avoid becoming a wet noodle in the bedroom? Then don’t eat fettuccine alfredo just before romance. That’s according to fitness trainer and cookbook author Jyl Steinback,

BETTY BOOP MAKING A COMEBACK LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) – Boop-oop-a-doop. Betty Boop is making a comeback. The creators of Betty Boop have announced that the cartoon vamp, first

‘SEXIEST GEEKS ALIVE’ REVEAL TRICKS OF THE TRADE SAN FRANCISCO (Wireless Flash) – What does it take to become the Sexiest Geek In America? How about a pair of adhesive-taped horn-rims, a laptop and a dream.

WILL THE REAL ATLANTIS PLEASE RISE UP? CONCORD, Mass. (Wireless Flash) – The animated Disney flick Atlantis surfaces in theaters tomorrow (June 15), but some Atlantis experts are still duking it out over the lost civilization’s real

MADELEINE ALBRIGHT LOOKING FOR LOVE? NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright may be 64, but she’s still a red-hot mama when it comes to men. Albright tells the upcoming Parade magazine that she’s still

GEORGE WASHINGTON’S PANTS TO BE AUCTIONED LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) – It’s impossible to get into the head of George Washington but an upcoming auction will allow Americans to get into his pants.

HOW MUCH CHANGE IS IN THAT JUG? BELLEVUE, Wash. (Wireless Flash) – If you keep all your loose change in a jug, you could be holding a hefty amount of moolah. According to Coinstar counting machines, a half-gallon jug filled with

FATHER’S DAY FASHION ALTERNATIVES NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – A menswear expert from New York has some Father’s Day fashion advice for folks who want to avoid the dreaded necktie syndrome.

HOSPITAL ARCHITECTS GIVE POOR DIAGNOSIS TO ‘ER’ SET HOUSTON (Wireless Flash) – The emergency room set of ER is getting a poor diagnosis from real-life hospital architects. Kirk Hamilton of Watkins Hamilton Ross Architects recently visited the TV