Headlines for: 08-22-2001

MARCHING BANDS GOING CRAZY OVER CAR COMMERCIAL TUNE MILWAUKEE, Wis. (Wireless Flash) – A techno tune from a car commercial is starting a “commotion” with America’s marching bands. The song “Start The Commotion” by the European pop band The

BRITISH WITCH FEELING WRATH OF ‘MACBETH’ CURSE HASTINGS, England (Wireless Flash) – For years, actors have claimed ancient witches placed a curse on Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Now modern-day witches say the curse is affecting them.

WE ALL SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM – WITH FISH OIL? CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (Wireless Flash) – Here’s a fishy treat: a food developer has created a fish oil ice cream. Food developers at Arthur D. Little Inc. concocted the new ice cream for

COLLEGE STUDENTS TO BE EDUCATED ON APHRODISIACS AMHERST, Mass. (Wireless Flash) – Some college students will soon be learning the ins and outs of aphrodisiacs – but it’ll happen in the classroom, not the bedroom.

THE REAL 911 EMERGENCY – STUPID CALLS NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Wireless Flash) – Although 911 is the American number for police emergencies, the real emergency is the number of stupid calls made by citizens.

50 OLDTIME STARS TO ATTEND JACKO CELEBRATION NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – The audience at Michael Jackson’s 30th Anniversary concerts may look more like an AARP convention than a rock concert.

GREATEST LOVE STORIES NEVER TOLD NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Fairy tale love stories are a thing of the past if the winners of a contest for the “Greatest Love Story Never Told” are any indication.

REPLACING ROAD RAGE WITH ‘ROAD LAUGHTER’ COLUMBUS, Ohio (Wireless Flash) – A psychologist from Columbus, Ohio, wants to replace road rage with “road laughter.” Dr. Steve Wilson has started up several “laughing clubs,” places

JULIA STILES: ‘MY FRIENDS CALL ME THE FEMINAZI’ NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Julia Stiles isn’t afraid to say it loud: she’s a feminist and she’s proud. The 20-year-old actress tells the new magazine, ELLEgirl, that a lot

FLASH LITES: RIP ‘N’ READ POP CULTURE RECAP ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (Wireless Flash) – Who’s the boss of the Miss America Pageant? Well, this year it’s Tony Danza, who will be hosting the September 22 beauty contest.