Headlines for: 09-26-2001

DOCTORED DERRIERES BECOMING POPULAR WITH WOMEN NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – You’ve heard of boob jobs – but butt jobs are the latest with women who want rumps like J Lo. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery says surgeons have

WORLD’S FIRST INTERNET CEMETERY TONAWANDA, N.Y. (Wireless Flash) – Ashes to ashes, microchips to microchips: A 46-year-old former construction worker has created what he claims is the world’s only full-service internet cemetery.

58 PERCENT OF AMERICANS WANT TIGHTER CONTROL OF U.S. MUSLIMS McLEAN, Va. (Wireless Flash) – America won’t be the land of the free for Islamic-Americans if some Yanks have their way. According to a survey by the Wirthlin Worldwide company, 58 percent of

VENTURES SURFING WAVE OF PATRIOTISM LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) – The 1960s-era surf band The Ventures is the latest group to ride the wave of patriotism – and they’re doing it with vocals this time.

TERRORISM NOT AFFECTING KIDS HALLOWEEN COSTUMES SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash) – America’s kids may be emotionally affected by the terrorist attacks but it isn’t making a difference in their Halloween costumes.

RIPPED-OFF OSTRICH FARMER REFUSES TO KEEP HIS HEAD IN SAND CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand (Wireless Flash) – A 67-year-old ostrich farmer claims he was ripped off by a fellow farmer who sold him two male ostriches as a “breeding pair.”

CELEBRITIES UNLEASH THEMSELVES IN DOGGIE INTERVIEWS LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) – Want to get a celebrity to really open up? Just talk to them about their pets. That’s the discovery made by producer John Kalish while working on the

WINNIE-THE-POOH TURNS 75 NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – He may not look it, but Winnie-the- Pooh is about to turn 75. The first book about the tubby little talking bear, titled Winnie-the-

DUELING LIPTONS: ‘SNL’ TO CHALLENGE ACTING SNOB? NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Fans of the Bravo Network TV show, Inside The Actors Studio, may be getting a treat for the show’s 100th episode: Dueling hosts.

FLASH LITES: RIP ‘N’ READ POP CULTURE RECAP NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Talk about money for nothin’: One of Julia Roberts’ skimpy Erin Brockovich outfits could fetch up to $10,000 at an auction by Sothebys this week. The ensemble consists of a