Headlines for: 10-07-2001

CRUSHED ANT SODA HEADED FOR SUPERMARKETS CHICAGO (Wireless Flash) – Some health nuts will do anything in the name of fitness – even swallow crushed ants. That’s what’s happening in the United Kingdom where a beverage

‘BRA ART’ TO MAKE BIG DISPLAY SEATTLE (Wireless Flash) – A collection of “wearable bra art” will go on display later this week in Seattle. The brassiere masterpieces include a bra made out of fresh flowers, a

THE BALLAD OF A JOHN LENNON IMPERSONATOR CLEVELAND, Ohio (Wireless Flash) – Tomorrow (Oct. 9) is the 61st anniversary of John Lennon’s birth and one Lennon impersonator says it will be a hard day’s night.

TOKYO SEX CLUBS OFFER SMORGASBORD OF SMUT TOKYO (Wireless Flash) – Japan may be the “Land of the Rising Sun,” but more than the sun is rising in some Tokyo sex clubs. The Mainichi Daily News reports the city’s sex industry is so

BRING YOUR TEDDY BEAR TO WORK SAN FRANCISCO (Wireless Flash) – Can you imagine a hard-nosed business executive clutching on to a teddy bear at the office? That’s what will be going on Wednesday (Oct. 10) as part of “Take Your Teddy Bear to Work

ECONOMIC DOWNTURN GOOD FOR SCOOTER SALES MIAMI (Wireless Flash) – The economic downturn may be bad for airlines, but it’s good news for motor scooters. A U.S. company that imports an Italian line of scooters says sales are up

‘TWISTER’ BOARD GAME TURNS 35 (OCT. 10) NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Wednesday will be a twisted day for board game buffs: It’s the 35th anniversary of Twister. On October 10, 1966, Twister was introduced on the market, and while

BIO-WARFARE ACCIDENTALLY AIDED BY U.S. PROFESSORS? LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) – Think it’s tough for terrorists to get their hands on deadly viruses like anthrax or small pox? Think again. According to Los Angeles-based infectious disease specialist, Dr. Pamela

AMERICA’S FAVORITE LUCY MOMENT: VITAMETAVEGAMIN NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Even after 50 years of I Love Lucy Americans are still spooning their way to health with “Vitametavegamin.”

FLASH LITES: RIP ‘N’ READ POP CULTURE RECAP LONDON (Wireless Flash) – Sales of rubber duckies are soaring in England on the heels of a tabloid report claiming the Queen bathes with one. One manufacturer has rushed 80,000 plastic quackers to stores to satisfy the