Headlines for: 11-19-2001

HARRY POTTER SELF-SCARRING SEATTLE (Wireless Flash) – The hit Harry Potter movie may be conjuring up interest in self-scarring – much to the horror of one body modification expert.

DOT-COM DOLDRUMS CREATE STIFF SANTA COMPETITION BOULDER, Colo. (Wireless Flash) – Looks like many out-of-work dot-commers will be wearing Santa Claus suits this Christmas. That’s according to professional Santa instructor Suzen Mesco, who

UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR: ‘HOMEWORK OVER THANKSGIVING IS UNFAIR’ MUNCIE, Ind. (Wireless Flash) – It sounds like dissension in the ranks, but a university professor is speaking out against teachers who give homework over the Thanksgiving weekend.

AMERICANS WIPING AWAY TROUBLES WITH TOILET PAPER NORWICH, Conn. (Wireless Flash) – Americans are using toilet paper to wipe out their frustrations about getting laid off, terrorism and nasty neighbors.

IS OSAMA’S EYE MAKEUP MAKING HIM CRAZY? LONG BEACH, Calif. (Wireless Flash) – A doctor in Long Beach, California, has an important message for Osama bin Laden: Get the lead out – of your make-up, that is.

YULE BE ROCKIN’: PAT BENATAR RECORDS CHRISTMAS TUNE NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Most Christmas carols are inspired by Christmas – but not Pat Benatar’s. She’s just written a Christmas song called “Christmas In

BABAR KEEPING TRUNK FIT WITH YOGA Conn. (Wireless Flash) – This year marks the 70th birthday of the childrens’ book character Babar, but yoga may be what keeps the pachyderm and his author young.

MEET THE WOMAN WHO WROTE ‘WHO SHOT J.R.?’ LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) – It was 21 years ago Wednesday that America found out it was “Kristin” was shot J.R. Ewing on Dallas.

PRIVATE CRUISE ON QE2 UP FOR SALE WEST CHESTER, Pa. (Wireless Flash) – The entire staff of the QE2 luxury liner could be at your disposal for a mere $2.8 million. That’s the asking price for a six-day, private charter luxury cruise

FLASH LITES: RIP ‘N’ READ POP CULTURE RECAP LONDON (Wireless Flash) – Mama mia! The supposed father of newly-pregnant Elizabeth Hurley’s baby isn’t so sure he’s the proud papa. Business tycoon Steve Bing now wants a Liz to perform a paternity test,