Headlines for: 12-17-2001

EXTREME ELVIS PORTRAYS KING AS HE WOULD BE, NOT AS HE SHOULD BE SAN FRANCISCO (Wireless Flash) – Elvis Presley fans are all shook up over one San Francisco-based impersonator who calls himself “Extreme Elvis.”

HAS BIN LADEN UNDERGONE A FACELIFT? AUSTIN, Texas (Wireless Flash) – U.S. officials say Osama bin Laden can’t hide forever, but a plastic surgeon says he might be able to – if he’s had a face change.

HITLER VS. THE THREE STOOGES HOLLYWOOD (Wireless Flash) – Adolf Hitler was a nasty guy, but did you know he wanted to kill the Three Stooges? It’s true, according to Stooges historian, Jeff Forrester, who says

ANNOUNCING THE ‘P.U.-LITZER PRIZES’ SAN FRANCISCO (Wireless Flash) – A media critic is exposing the stinky side of journalism with his picks for the “P.U.-litzer Prizes” for 2001.

‘ALTOIDS ARTIST’ SAYS SCENT IS A STIMULANT NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – A New York designer has just completed a project made almost entirely of Altoids mint tins. Alton O. Spot’s window design is a mannequin wearing an old-fashioned

’TIS THE SEASON TO BE SEXUALLY HARASSED NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Talk about courting lawsuits: The holiday season is also the time when most sexual harassment suits are filed. That’s the verdict from sexual harassment attorney Philip Berkowitz,

‘COPACABANA’ PRODUCER VOWS TO BRING DISCO BACK LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) – This news will be a kick for disco fans: The producer of Barry Manilow’s 1978 hit, “Copacabana” is hustling up a disco revival.

CHRISTMAS TREES WERE ORIGINALLY ‘ANTI-SLAVERY TREES’ DALLAS (Wireless Flash) – It’s time to brush up on your knowledge of Christmas trees. A holiday historian says, contrary to popular belief, people first put up

HOUSE PAINTER TURNS TERRORISM INTO PICK-UP LINE SANTA FE, N.M. (Wireless Flash) – Ever since September 11, a new phrase has entered the lexicon: “We need to continue to do [this or that] or we’re letting the terrorists win.”

FLASH LITES: RIP ‘N’ READ POP CULTURE RECAP NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Times sure have changed for N’Sync. Member JC Chasez confesses to the upcoming PopStar magazine that when the band was first starting out, they