Headlines for: 12-18-2001

SHOPLIFTING ADVICE FOR WINONA RYDER TORONTO (Wireless Flash) – Winona Ryder may be claiming her shoplifting slip-up was research for a role, but a Toronto man has some free advice for her.

CHARITY BEGINS AT THE STRIP BAR: TOYS FOR TA-TAS MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (Wireless Flash) – Keeping abreast on new trends in charity? How about “Toys For Ta-Tas.” Starting this morning, a strip club Minneapolis will give free admission to

TOLKIEN’S MIDDLE EARTH REALLY MIDDLE EAST? SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash) – Book worms theorize that J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings was a metaphor for Europe during World War II, but Tolkien may have really been predicting today’s

URI GELLER TURNS 55 AND PLANS TO FALAFEL LONDON (Wireless Flash) – Famed spoon-bending psychic Uri Geller turns 55 tomorrow (Dec. 20) and he plans to celebrate by eating at a Lebanese restaurant.

TOM CRUISE NOT HEATING UP INTEREST IN CRYONICS CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. (Wireless Flash) – Tom Cruise’s new film, Vanilla Sky, features cryonics, the science of freezing someone in liquid nitrogen so they can be resuscitated in the future.

POPE TO NUKE ISRAEL? MODIIN, Israel (Wireless Flash) – An Israeli journalist has an explosive conspiracy theory: He thinks the Pope is planning to nuke Israel. Barry Chamish claims the recent deaths of Israel’s top nuclear and

INDIANA SHOE COLLECTOR WRITES CHILDREN’S BOOK TO BOOT PLAINFIELD, Ind. (Wireless Flash) – The old woman who lived in a shoe is getting some competition from a woman in Indiana who owns 800 pairs of shoes and has just written a children’s book about them.

BIRTHDAY CAKE SETS OFF SCHOOL SMOKE ALARM HASTINGS, New Zealand (Wireless Flash) – You’ve probably seen birthday cards that joke about someone being so old their cake may set off the fire alarms.

MARIO LOPEZ: ‘YOU’D HAVE TO PAY ME A LOT TO PLAY SANTA’ LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) – Being Santa Claus is nothing to ho ho ho about, according to Other Half co-host Mario Lopez, who took Kris Kringle lessons yesterday.

FLASH LITES: RIP ‘N’ READ POP CULTURE RECAP NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Singer Macy Gray may be typecast as a soul singer but she’s also a great typist. According to Rosie Magazine, Gray can actually type 60 words a minute.