Headlines for: 03-23-1999

COST OF LAUGHTER UP 3 PERCENT SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (Wireless Flash) -- Laughter may be the best medicine, but you'll be paying 3 percent more for your yucks this year.

SINGING PSYCHIC: `MARVIN GAYE IS ABOUT TO BE REINCARNATED' DALLAS, Tex. (Wireless Flash) -- Next Thursday (April 1) marks the 15th anniversary of the day singer Marvin Gaye was shot by his father -- just one day before his 45th birthday.

`SUDDENLY SUSAN' STAR'S SUICIDE: COPYCATS FEARED OMAHA, Neb. (Wireless Flash) -- Suicide experts fear the recent death of actor David Strickland may cause a rash of "copycat" suicides.

TV DINNERS TO CELEBRATE 45TH BIRTHDAY (APRIL 6) CHICAGO (Wireless Flash) -- April 6th, 1954, is a date forever frozen in history -- literally. That's when Swanson Foods created the very first frozen TV Dinner, which sold for 98 cents and

WORLD'S FIRST `DIVORCE DOLL' FOR KIDS MINNETONKA, Minn. (Wireless Flash) -- Now here's a sign of the times -- a Minnesota entrepreneur has created the world's first "divorce doll."

DUSTIN HOFFMAN SPITTING IMAGE OF JESUS? CLINTON, N.Y. (Wireless Flash) -- Although the movies make Jesus out to be a blonde-haired, blue-eyed hunk, he probably looked more like Dustin Hoffman.

CINDY CRAWFORD WATCH OUT: AQUATIC SUPERMODELS ON YOUR TAIL SAN FRANCISCO (Wireless Flash) -- Cindy Crawford is getting some competition of the underwater kind now that a fashion photographer has created a whole generation of "aquatic

SONGWRITER IS MUSICAL VERSION OF `PEOPLE MAGAZINE' VACAVILLE, Calif. (Wireless Flash) -- A 54-year-old songwriter in Vacaville, California, hopes to do for Meg Ryan and Mel Torme what Elton John did for Princess Di and Marilyn Monroe.

READY FOR HER CLOSE-UP: GLORIA SWANSON'S 100TH BIRTHDAY LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- This Saturday (Mar. 27) marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Gloria Swanson, an actress who was a real nut -- literally.

NOTE: In a story moved yesterday (Mar. 23) headlined "Couples Wanted For Baking Soda Sponsored Wedding," the contact phone number listed is for media only. Listeners, viewers or readers who want