Headlines for: 09-06-1999

SOCKING IT TO THE JOCKSTRAP CHICAGO (Wireless Flash) -- Good news for football players heading back to the field: a top urologist wants to sock it to jockstraps.

GERMAN ACCORDION PLAYER WRITES PRO-CIGAR PROTEST SONG NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- A German accordion player who loves Cuban cigars has co-written a pro-cigar protest song he hopes will end the U.S. trade embargo with Cuba.

BULGING BELLIES HAVE BIG BENEFITS CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (Wireless Flash) -- Diet experts may not be able to stomach this but some researchers now believe a pot belly may be healthier for you than a super-lean stomach.

VIOLENT VIDEO GAMES SPARK SPICY LOVE AFFAIRS NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Forget online chat rooms -- the best place to make an internet love connection is to play violent video games.

FECES WILL FLY AT GOAT PILL FLIPPING CONTEST MILLINGTON, Tenn. (Wireless Flash) -- An animal turd tossing contest being held this Saturday (Sept. 11) in Millington, Tennessee, gives new meaning to the phrase "getting your goat."

FREDDIE PRINZE JR.'S PHONY MUSCLES NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Even the hottest Hollywood stars are lacking in some areas -- just ask hunk-of-the-moment Freddie Prinze Jr.

WIRELESS FLASH ENTERTAINMENT BRIEFS NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Although Sarah Jessica Parker plays a sex-obsessed journalist on the HBO series, "Sex In The City," she admits that in real life, she's a prude. According to

LINCOLN WAS A LOSER WITH THE LADIES LEXINGTON, Ky. (Wireless Flash) -- Abraham Lincoln may score points with presidential historians but he didn't score with the ladies.

DIXIE CUP CELEBRATES 80TH BIRTHDAY (SEPT. 9) NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- You might want to raise a toast on Thursday (Sept. 9) in honor of the 80th birthday of the Dixie Cup.