Headlines for: 10-28-1999

FDA NIXES `CANINE CAJONES' SURGERY BUCKNER, Mo. (Wireless Flash) -- The Federal Drug Administration has nixed the plans of a California man to have canine testicular implants surgically implanted into his body.

`EDDIE MUNSTER' WANTS TO BE THE NEXT `ELVIRA' ORLANDO, Fla. (Wireless Flash) -- Remember Eddie Munster from "The Munsters?" He's about to make a comeback as a sort-of male Elvira.

`BUFFY' SHOW CREATING `SLAYER SLANG' REDDING, Penn. (Wireless Flash) -- Here's a scary thought: an English professor thinks "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" may be changing the way English is spoken.

INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO FOR BLACK COUPLES DEFLATES MYTHS NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- The world's first instructional sex video specifically for black couples is deflating some of the myths about the size of a guy's manhood.

AUTO MECHANIC SHORTAGE DRIVING FOLKS CRAZY GENEVA, Ill. (Wireless Flash) -- A shortage of U.S. auto mechanics is literally driving folks crazy. That's the word from auto expert Tom Fennell, who estimates

WIRELESS FLASH BRIEFS FROM AROUND THE WORLD GLASGOW, Scotland (Wireless Flash) -- Corporate websites have a new enemy: Bad spelling. Word on the internet is that Amazon.com is offering $10 million to a Scottish-based website called

NO TLC BETWEEN MEMBERS OF TLC NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Looks like there's not much TLC between the members of TLC -- but there's the making of a great cat fight.

`CATTY' STAGE MOMS BEHIND MODEL PETS NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Beauty pageants may get catty, but it's nothing compared to the shenanigans at cat and dog calendar contests.

43 PERCENT OF AMERICANS YAWNING OVER Y2K ST. LOUIS, Mo. (Wireless Flash) -- The dreaded Y2K virus is more like "Yawn-2K" to most Americans. According to a new survey by Maritz Marketing Research, only