Headlines for: 03-20-2000

OSCAR-NIGHT JEWELRY LOOKS GOOD TO THIEVES LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- Oscar night could be a sparkling success for jewel thieves. It's feared the recent heist of 55 Oscar statuettes could inspire

`CLEAN COMEDIANS' PUT KIBOSH ON CURSING COMICS LA MIRADA, Calif. (Wireless Flash) -- A group of not-so-naughty comedians is crusading for an end to the use of foul language in comedy clubs.

LOOK MA! NO COOTIES: DEVICE LOWERS TOILET SEAT FOR YOU COOPERSBURG, Penn. (Wireless Flash) -- If the thought of touching a public toilet seat grosses you out, a new device may flip your lid. A Pennsylvania man has invented a plastic clip that attaches to

COST OF LAUGHING UP 3 PERCENT SANTA CRUZ, California (Wireless Flash) -- Gas prices aren't the only thing going up, the cost of laughing has leaped 3 percent since 1999. That's according to humor consultant Malcolm Kushner, who has just

TV VIEWERS TO SEE DOUBLE ON APRIL 1 NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- TV watchers will be seeing a technological first on April Fools Day -- and that's no joke. At 2 a.m. Eastern time on April 1, the TV Land cable network will

`TATTOO-STOCK:' WORLD'S FIRST ROCK & TATTOO FESTIVAL SHERMAN OAKS, Calif. (Wireless Flash) -- This may needle some folks: It's the world's first festival to combine rock music with tattooing. The "Tattoo The Earth" tour will take place this summer and will

MTV'S TOM GREEN HAS CANCER -- NO JOKE HOLLYWOOD (Wireless Flash) -- MTV comic Tom Green isn't laughing over his latest troubles: "Entertainment Tonight" reports he's fighting cancer.

BASEBALL PLAYERS WHO ARE A LITTLE OFF-BASE NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Need proof baseball players are a little off-base? Just look at Seattle Mariners outfielder Jay Buhner, who claims he's proud of his ability to vomit on command.

WIRELESS FLASH BRIEFS FROM AROUND THE WORLD ORLANDO, Fla. (Wireless Flash) -- Americans aren't so sweet on sweet snacks anymore. According to a new snack survey by Tupperware, 30 percent claim their favorite snacks are fresh fruits and veggies