Headlines for: 07-24-2000

MAN HOPES TO CLONE JESUS USING ANCIENT ARTIFACTS BERKELEY, Calif. (Wireless Flash) -- A clone of Jesus Christ could be returning to Earth on Christmas Day 2001, if a man in Berkeley, California, has his way.

FAT GROUP HAS COW OVER EDDIE MURPHY'S NEW FILM San Francisco (Wireless Flash) -- It looks like fat activists have a beef with Eddie Murphy's new movie "The Klumps." Although the fat-oriented farce is being billed as a

CAN YOU PASS THE `SEX-VIVOR' CHALLENGE? LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- Talk about cruel and unusual punishment: How would you like to spend five days on a adult film set without being allowed to get aroused?

COMPANY CREATES GEORGE W. BUSH `DOPE SEEDS' CLEVELAND, Ohio (Wireless Flash) -- A political humor magazine has created a seedy way to profit off of George W. Bush's presidential campaign: It's selling "dope seeds"

SAN FRANCISCO: HOME OF THE MOST EXPENSIVE DONUT ROCHESTER, Wis. (Wireless Flash) -- San Francisco isn't such a sweet place if you're a donut lover. According to a survey by Runzheimer International, San

`THE HUSTLE' HIT NO. 1 25 YEARS AGO (JULY 26) NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Tomorrow (July 26) marks a moving anniversary for disco freaks: The 25th anniversary of the day "The Hustle" hit No. 1.

GET MEN TO DO HOUSEWORK -- MAKE THEM WEAR FRENCH MAID DRESSES BINGHAMPTON, New York (Wireless Flash) -- Ladies, if you want to get your man to do some housework, just get him to slip into a frilly French maid outfit.

CELEBRITIES REVEAL THEIR FAVORITE EGGHEADS LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- No matter how big their own britches are, some stars are still in awe when it comes the IQs of others.

WIRELESS FLASH BRIEFS FROM AROUND THE WORLD SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash) -- Now that Taco Bell has dumped the chihuahua from it's advertising, who should take the mutt's place as Taco Bell spokesperson? Roseanne, Tammy Faye