Headlines for: 08-21-2000

WANTED: VOLUNTEERS TO CONFIRM LIFE AFTER DEATH Miami, Fla. (Wireless Flash) -- Would you be willing to die for science just to prove there's life after death? A Miami-based hypnotist hopes to find out if there's an

IRS HASSLES INSPIRE ACCOUNTANT TO WRITE MUSICAL SANTA MONICA, Calif. (Wireless Flash) -- This may not be music to your ears but an accountant in Los Angeles has just written a musical based on the IRS.

BARTENDER CREATES BUSH, GORE COCKTAILS CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (Wireless Flash) -- This news could drive teetotaler George W. Bush back to drink: He's the inspiration for a new campaign cocktail called the "Virgin George."

SNACK FOOD SEER USES CHIPS TO DECIPHER PAST LIVES PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y. (Wireless Flash) -- It sounds crackers but a man in Port Washington, New York, claims he can use snack foods to figure out your past lives.

MAGAZINE TO TEST KISSMOBILE, OTHER NOVELTY CARS BRADFORD, Pa. (Wireless Flash) -- If you've ever wanted to watch a giant Hershey Kiss hurtling along at 80 miles per hour, here's your chance.

WILL BRAD PITT'S NEXT ROLE LEAVE HIM SPEECHLESS? NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Brad Pitt's next film role could leave him speechless -- literally. According to New York-based gossip reporter Baird Jones,

RESEARCHER DECLARES 2000 `THE SUMMER OF SASQUATCH' PORTLAND, Maine (Wireless Flash) -- You've heard of the Summer of Love but what about the "Summer of Sasquatch?" Believe it or not, that's what Bigfoot buffs are calling

CLINTON CRITIC: GORE AND BUSH AIN'T FUNNY VALLEY CENTER, Calif. (Wireless Flash) -- Bill Clinton has less than five months to go but one of his biggest bashers is already nostalgic.

BRITISH CASTAWAY SHOW LEAVES `SURVIVOR' COLD GLASGOW, Scotland (Wireless Flash) -- The season finale of "Survivor" will take place tomorrow (Aug. 23) but if you think 39 days on a tropical paradise is tough, try spending a

ADVISORY: A birthday item for record producer Ron Dante sent in yesterday's feed makes mention that he produced the 1975 hit "Sugar Sugar." It should have read 1969 hit.