Headlines for: 05-30-2001

NURSE INVENTS SOBRIETY SOFT DRINK BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (Wireless Flash) – A registered nurse in Beverly Hills has invented a soft drink that makes drunk people sober. 25-year-old Erin Reed was working at a Los Angeles liver transplant clinic

SEX TOY GIVEAWAY GETS THEATER AUDIENCE BUZZING NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Remember the 1959 movie The Tingler where vibrating buzzers were installed underneath some of the movie theater seats?

WALK LIKE A SPIDERMAN HERZOGEN AURACH, Germany (Wireless Flash) – Spiderman, watch out! A German engineer has made it possible for mere mortals to walk up walls. Inventor Gerald Winkler is the creator of the “gekkomat,” a

WILL THE REAL SWEDISH BIKINI TEAM PLEASE STAND UP? MARSTA, Sweden (Wireless Flash) – An international catfight is breaking out between rival Swedish Bikini Teams. In one corner is an American-based Swedish Bikini Team that flaunts its

COLLEGE STUDENTS DEPRIVE THEMSELVES OF PIZZA DALLAS (Wireless Flash) – Here’s some food for thought: 350 high school and college kids are giving up pizza for a new study on the effects of “Pizza Deprivation.”

CIVIL WAR CEMETERIES MAKING A COMEBACK FREDERICKSBURG, Va. (Wireless Flash) – The South is rising again – at least in their cemeteries. A new Civil War-themed cemetery under construction in Fredericksburg,

SHRINKS BETTING NEW PILL REDUCES GAMBLING PROVIDENCE, R.I. (Wireless Flash) – Researchers in Providence, Rhode Island, may have hit the jackpot: a drug that may reduce compulsive gambling. Doctors at Rhode Island Hospital say research suggests an anti-depressant

OUTMODED TYPEWRITERS FIND NEW USES IN ART EXHIBIT NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – The computer age has rendered typewriters useless for most folks, but some artists in New York hope to change all that. Artists from the School of Visual Arts have taken dozens of useless old

CHEF FINDS SPACE VEGGIES HARD TO SWALLOW PALO ALTO, Calif. (Wireless Flash) – News that Chinese scientists are sending vegetable and fruit seeds into space has some chefs steamed. The British press is reporting scientists at China’s Greenhome Farm