Headlines for: 06-11-2001

ANGELINA JOLIE: ‘I’D DRINK MY HUSBAND’S BLOOD’ NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Angelina Jolie has some bloody unusual ideas about love. The Tomb Raider star tells the upcoming Rolling Stone that

GUINNESS STILL SEARCHING FOR OLDEST LIVING PERSON LONDON (Wireless Flash) – The recent death of the world’s oldest person has left Guinness records officials searching for a modern-day Methuselah.

EBAY SHOW BIZ BIDS RUNNING AMUCK NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – First, a writer in Bloomington, Indiana, tried to sell his movie script on eBay – now a guy in New York is using the auction site to land a TV development deal.

AMERICAN BUSINESS SLANG TAKING OVER THE WORLD BOSTON (Wireless Flash) – America has launched a war of words on England and France with its business slang. According to a report in Harvard Management Communication Letter,

REMOTE VIEWERS WON’T ATTEND CONFERENCE BY TELEPATHY LAS VEGAS (Wireless Flash) – If telepathy appeals to you, let your mind wander to Las Vegas this weekend for the 2001 Remote Viewing Conference, which begins on Friday (Jun. 15).

CHRISTINA AGUILERA IMPOSTER TAKES HANDS-ON APPROACH LAS VEGAS (Wireless Flash) – Ever dreamed of being like Christina Aguilera but don’t have the voice to pull it off? Well, an Aguilera impersonator in Las Vegas says the starlet’s secret is all in the hands.

SAN DIEGO MAN ‘STREET SAILS’ ACROSS U.S. SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash) – A San Diego man is proof where there’s a wheel there’s a way. He’s about to roll into the Guinness Book of Records as the first person to travel across America on a skateboard

12 PERCENT OF WOMEN PREFER LARGE ‘EQUIPMENT’ TO LARGE WALLET NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Which do you think women prefer: A man with a large wallet or one with large “equipment?” Well, according to a survey by Capital One Financial Services, 38 percent

WIRELESS FLASH NEW BRIEFS DALLAS (Wireless Flash) – The recent marriage of Law & Order star Angie Harmon to New York Giants cornerback Jason Sehorn has inspired a new cocktail: The Startini. The drink, a mixture of vodka,