Headlines for: 05-31-2001

BUSH PARTYING PALES TO PRESIDENTIAL PREDECESSORS LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) – Jenna Bush’s booze-related college antics may raise some eyebrows – but her party prowess pales in comparison to past presidential kids.

CARMEN ELECTRA TO SOAK IN WORLD’S LARGEST HOT TUB NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Carmen Electra is making a big splash by agreeing to soak in the world’s largest hot tub. On June 12, the former Baywatch siren will suit up and jump into a

WHAT DOES ‘ZURNBARRIE’ MEAN? EDINBURGH, Scotland (Wireless Flash) – If you know what the word “zurnbarrie” means, there’s an egghead in Scotland who’d love to hear from you.

WORKPLACE HARASSMENT HEATS UP IN HOT WEATHER LONG ISLAND, NY (Wireless Flash) – As summer temperatures heat up, so could workplace sexual harassment cases. That’s according to New York-based sexual harassment lawyer Lois

INDIANA MAN USING E-BAY AS HIS HOLLYWOOD AGENT BLOOMINGTON, Indiana (Wireless Flash) – A struggling screenwriter from Bloomington, Indiana, is using the eBay auction site as a movie agent. 41-year-old Mike Schmidt wants to circumvent the normal climb up the show

MUSICIAN INVITES LARRY KING TO ATTEND RAVE SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (Wireless Flash) – An Arizona electronica musician says he’s raving mad about how the media depicts ravers – and now he hopes to do something about it.

BARBIE GETS ’NSYNC EL SEGUNDO, Calif. (Wireless Flash) – Barbie’s adding another position to her endless list of jobs: Teenybopper. Mattel has just released a boy band-themed Barbie called “’N Sync

FAT FOLKS ARE SLOWER THINKERS TORONTO (Wireless Flash) – Calling someone a fathead may be an insult but it may also have a basis in science. According to a new study from the University of Toronto, fat folks are

TURN YOUR CAR INTO A BILLBOARD SAN ANTONIO, Texas (Wireless Flash) – A former cop from San Antonio, Texas, is looking for folks who want to turn their cars into electronic billboards.